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Terms & Conditions

Our Terms & ConditionS

· Trackdays are by invitation only. The purpose of the event is for drivers to gain experience with their vehicles and advance their driving skills. It is not a competitive motorsport day. There will be no racing or timed events.

· You need to bring your own helmet and cotton overalls. All drivers and passengers must wear a helmet and a minimum of 100% cotton overalls when out on the track.

· All road cars participating must have a current WOF. It is also your personal responsibility to ensure that the brakes and tyres of the vehicle are maintained to a high standard and suitable for this type of event. If you have any doubts, please consult a professional mechanic or service centre who are experienced in these types of events.

· MANFEILD TRACKDAY: As a price guide, the cost of 1 car and 1 driver is $200. Dual driver/single car entries are acceptable. Extra drivers are $90 per car. Spectators or friends are very welcome to come along. We charge $25 per person to cover the catering costs.

· Passengers must be 16 years or older. (Under 16’s are permitted during the lunch time “drive” session only.) · All drivers, passengers and spectators must sign an indemnity form.

· The event will still be run in wet weather. There will be no refund however in the unusual circumstances of the event being cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Driver and vehicle safety will be the priority in making any cancellation decision.

· All drivers must sign a Terms and Conditions form for track usage and attend the Drivers Safety Briefing.

· All drivers must attend the Drivers Safety Briefing (NO EXCEPTIONS). If you arrive late we will endeavour to give you a personal briefing as soon as practical. Unfortunately, you will be delayed, you must not drive on the circuit prior to this.

· The speed limit in the pits and pit lane area is 20km/h

· Prior to driving onto the circuit on all occasions, all cars must come to a complete stop at the compulsory stop sign located at the end of the pit road where it intersects with circuit. It is the driver’s responsibility to ensure there are no vehicles approaching before proceeding from this point.

· While on the circuit, there will be no overtaking another vehicle whilst either vehicle is cornering. The corner is defined as the area of the straight where either vehicle is braking prior to a turn, – all the way through to the point where both vehicles begin accelerating in a straight line away from the turn.

· No Alcohol is to be consumed by anyone driving a vehicle. No Smoking in Paddock or Pit Lane Areas

· Drivers will be asked to leave the track for the remainder of the day if they are driving in a manner that may endanger other drivers or their cars.

· Meet in the Corporate Suites above the track at 9:00am to confirm your registration and sign an indemnity form. Drivers Briefing will begin 9:30 Sharp. Please time your trip to allow you to arrive between 8.45 and 9:15am.

Please drive safely on your way to and from Manfeild and Taupo.

To Manfeild allow around 2 1/2 hours from Wellington, and 2 hours from the Hawke’s Bay.