CorporatE DayS

There is a huge trend world-wide for owners of performance cars to take their own vehicle and participate in well-organised “Track Days” at racing circuits.

These days have been developed because of more restrictive traffic regulations and the awareness of the risks of high speeds on public roads. We must accept that it has now become socially unacceptable to speed on our highways.

It is timely for your business to take advantage of this situation and host a “Track Day” for selected customers. You will be seen as a company which is meeting the needs of your clients.

Track days are a new and well-proven way of getting alongside your customers and potential customers, in a unique, relaxed social environment. For the equivalent cost of a small advertisement in your daily newspaper you can get “one on one” with your top clients for a day that they will never forget.

A Corporate Day gives:

  • A Motor Vehicle franchise dealer an opportunity to bring their loyal clients together for a fun day at the track.
  • A Company outing to reward hard working employees and make it a great team building exercise.
  • A Car Club that might not want to “compete” but give its members the ability to stretch the legs of their favourite marque on our favourite track.

The day will be remembered for its social atmosphere, exciting track time as well as for its responsible educational value. You will have also built a relationship with your client that is closer than you have ever had before. This marketing style has already proven to be very cost effective both overseas and here in New Zealand.

Trackday Xperience Ltd are a highly experienced team who will organise the whole day for you from start to finish. We include legal indemnities, catering, on track instruction, a full days programme and a comprehensive safety plan. All you have to do is invite your customers.

As a price guide, a full day starts at $8500 +gst , but options such as extra catering, a requirement for more instructors or other special features will cost more.


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