The following are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get. If you have a query that is not answered here just send us an email via the ‘Contact’ form and we will answer any other questions that you may have..
What is a track day?
For those of you who have not attended one of these days, the event is primarily for drivers who would like to experience the thrill of driving their road car on a track in a controlled, non competitive atmosphere. (Competition cars are also welcome but must have a WOF compliant exhaust system because of noise restriction requirements.) Experienced instructors will be on hand to travel around the track with you in your car to ease you into this environment and will give you ongoing assistance during the day. If you do not feel the need for this assistance, there is no requirement for it, so you can simply get out there and spend as much time on the circuit as you can stand. There will be however, very strictly enforced rules for all participants regarding overtaking and general etiquette for this type of event. These rules will apply to everybody, regardless of experience.
How much is a Trackdays membership?
Membership is free. We will advise our members of all upcoming events and send out invitations and registration forms approximately 2 weeks beforehand.
What do I need to attend a track day?

We insist that drivers and passengers wear helmets and cotton overalls at all times. A suitable helmet can be purchased for as little as $115 from your local Motorcycle Dealer.

Do I need to book, or can I just show up?

We require bookings & payment before the close-off date for the event. This is to ensure we have sufficient instructors and can advise our caterers of numbers. We do not accept entries on the day, however if you have an unusual situation please get in touch with us.

What happens if there is an accident?
A track day is generally a very safe event. It is a place to learn about the abilities of your car and extend your personal driving limits. Incidents of cars being damaged are rare. Unfortunately though, accidents can happen. As organisers, we take great care to design the day so that potentially risky situations are minimised. We are also very strict with drivers who, we believe, are driving in a manner which could cause harm to others. We endeavour to do absolutely everything possible to ensure the safety of all drivers, passengers and spectators. However, should the unfortunate happen, rest assured, that the instructors and paramedic would be fully prepared to cope with any emergency. If a vehicle is damaged to the point of not being able to be driven home, we can organise transport or storage until you can retrieve it.
How is the day run?
You need to arrive early giving yourself plenty of time to relax and attend the drivers briefing. PLEASE NOTE: If you miss the drivers briefing for any reason you may have to wait until lunchtime to be briefed. However, every effort will be made to get you out on the circuit as soon as is safely possible. Detailed information is available in our “Format” section. This outlines times and a schedule for the day.
How much track time will I get?
Track time is what we all go to track days for. You’ll be pleased to know it’s our number 1 criteria when deciding the number of places available. The only time the circuit is closed during the event is near the beginning of the day. This allows for ‘novice’ instruction, and at lunchtime to allow friends and guests to drive the circuit at restricted speeds.
What clothing should I wear?
All participants require to wear a helmet and either race overalls or cotton overalls. (You can use ordinary cotton overalls which are available at places like NZ Safety, for around $90. Please check to ensure they are 100% cotton though.) Closed in footwear no Jandals or open toe shoes .Some customers choose to invest in race suits, flameproof clothing and race boots. This is not essential.
I'm concerned I'll be 'too slow', and faster drivers will get frustrated.
Most of the faster or more experienced track day participants are used to a variety of cars and drivers. They are very tolerant and have all been slower and inexperienced at some stage themselves. There are plenty of long straights for faster cars to get past you and we have very strict rules about not overtaking in corners to avoid vehicles colliding. This protocol will be explained at the drivers briefing.
I'm concerned I'll be 'too fast', and slower drivers will be annoying.
These are not competitive or racing events. You must bear in mind that there are usually a number of drivers at any one time who are receiving advice from our instructors. However, there are often times during the day when there are very few cars on the circuit, giving you a clear and open track.
What is the charge for 2nd drivers?

MANFEILD: $100 for the second driver. The total entry fee for the car would be $320 – that is; $220 for the car and first driver plus $100 for the second. Spectators or friends are very welcome to come along. We charge $25 per person to cover the catering costs.

Do I need a current driving license?
Our insurance company stipulates that all participants must hold a full and current NZ drivers license. We will need to sight your license at registration.We are now able to cater to “Restricted  License” Holders however they must have a Fully Licensed Driver or Instructor in the vehicle at all times whilst on track.
Do I need a Motorsport race license?
No. A full NZ drivers license is the only requirement.
What modifications must I make to my car?
None – assuming your car is roadworthy (i.e. has a current WOF). If your car is not road legal it should be a racecar that is being scrutineered in a current race series. We strongly recommend though, that prior to attending one of these events, you take your car to a professional mechanic who is experienced with the demands that you will placing on your car. The brakes, in particular, will be worked harder than normal and should have fresh fluid and good quality pads that are in top condition. We can recommend mechanics and tyre shops in your area who can give you relevant advice.
What are the noise restrictions?

Most of the circuits we visit have different noise restrictions, and some even have different levels for different circuit days. Generally, if your vehicle has a current WOF it will comply with the circuit’s noise restrictions. Trackday Xperience Trackdays are run under a      ” Category B ” designation under the Manawatu District Council Noise Resource Consent. This requires all vehicles to have a maximum sound level of 80 dBA (this includes track prepared vehicles) if your Track Car exceeds the noise limit you will be prevented to operate on the track. Track prepared vehicles often run with a maximum noise level of 90 dBA but only at Category A events, so if you attend our Trackday events and a complaint is made you will be prevented from operating on track.




What sort of tyre wear can I expect?
Modern high performance tyres cope very well with the demands of a track day. The amount of wear will vary tremendously from car to car, but extra wear should be expected. An instructor can advise you on tyre pressures suitable for your car and will also be teaching you a smooth driving style that should minimise scrubbing or sliding of the tyres. We encourage drivers to do 3 or 4 quicker laps then a slow lap to let the brakes, tyres and car cool down.
What about fuel?
High performance driving dramatically increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Vehicles with small tanks and/or naturally high consumption levels may need refilling during the day. There are petrol stations nearby that are easy to find.
What type of car can I bring?
You can bring any type of car. All cars must be either road-legal (with current WOF ) or a race car capable of passing motorsport scrutineering. ( Including noise restrictions ) We’ve had everything from a diesel Corolla station wagon to the latest Porsches and Ferraris.
Passengers & Spectators - What is the minimum age for passengers?
All passengers must be 16 years old or over. All passengers must sign our indemnity waiver before going onto the track.
What is the charge for spectators?

We charge $25 per person to cover the catering costs. If spectators do not require morning tea or lunch, – there is a $5.00 charge. However, all spectators must sign an indemnity waiver if they to be a passenger ( Helmet & Overalls required)

Will my road insurance policy cover me on track days?

No, not usually, but it is definitely worth checking with your insurance company. Some car insurance companies will add track day cover to your policy for a small premium or increase in your excess. Remember to explain to you insurance company that track days are not competitive racing events and that you are attending to improve your driving skills. Most Insurance companies will need at least a weeks notice of your intended participation. Be aware that Insurance is NOT mandatory to attend our events but the onus is on you.


Do you have any cars to hire, or is it possible to drive a track prepared car?

We do have “Max” our Trackday Xperience Porsche 944 available see the “Max Laps” page for details.


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